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> How about cross-group communication though? Sounds like at least the
> group representatives are going to have to cross-sub to all the
> working groups so, for instance, Marketing can tell Development what
> they want or Content can add some new article feature by way of the
> Development group, and so forth. Or maybe use theforum as the go-
> between list.

that was my understanding ... it saves me, for example, from subscribing to
marketing and finance - areas I know I don't have an immediate and pertinent
day-to-day interest in, but I know I can summarize stuff by catching up on
the archives.  If a thread on theforum becomes less broad, it can be easily
shunted to the specific list.  If it remains cross-group, it can stay in

again, that's my understanding of the list structure as it's standing at the

Still don't understand the cross-pollination of admin/content tho ;)

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