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Not if the listing were sorted by user ratings, and user comments were

Yes, perhaps a corporate publisher could influence someone to submit a
book. But if it sucks, and it's known to suck, then how high is it going to
get rated?

If the publisher has to buy off large numbers of evolt members, then it's
not going to be a terribly efficient way of publicising the book to those
same people.


Subject:    [Theforum] Re: New evolt resource idea

Ken wrote:
>Seriously, I'd be one of the first people to buy books from this, and if
>evolt gets a kickback, so much the better

if any service was to fall to corporate influence, this would be the first
one. it'd be so damn easy...

but, ya, lib.evolt.org is something that has been requested a lot.


evolt.org wiki: http://freezope2.nipltd.net/acorn/evolt/
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