[Theforum] New evolt resource idea

Lachlan Cannon luminosity at members.evolt.org
Thu Jun 6 05:14:49 CDT 2002

Marlene Bruce said:
>>We *could* put an Amazon link on the home page. The only question is,
>>of course, where? In the sidebar? (No, please don't hurt me!)
> Dunno. Are we going to do this with every service we go through which
> could bring us money?
>>A link that says "Support evolt.org - buy a web dev book" or something
> IMO, this kind of information should be added to the pending "How to
> Give" page (which is going to go live soon). It's all under the same
> umbrella.
> How do I add a link to Amazon? I mean, what URL do I use to get
> evolt.org $?

FWIW - as has been mentioned the referral fee if we give them the general
link to Amazon and they buy something is rather small, and if we tell them
to add /evoltorg/ to purchases they would have made anyway, which we didn't
send them to from our site (iow, if they didn't hear about a book on our
site, and added the evoltorg thing to support us, because we'd told them
how), then I think we're violating the TOS.


The best thing to do is the deep linking, which would be what libeo would be

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