[Theforum] starting at the beginning

Marlene Bruce marlene at members.evolt.org
Fri Jun 7 19:23:33 CDT 2002

Um, I didn't mean to send this.

I'd written it the other day and decided to sit on it (because of
some sense that John Handelaar talked into me in an unrelated email).
I was going through some of my "sendable" email in my out box, and
instead of closing the window I guess I hit the "send" key sequence
(command+E being very close to command+W). I just got back from some
errands and noticed.

Sorry guys.

Regarding what Ron said:

>  > Those are the only two choices, right?
>no, we start some of the fundraisnig options we have available, continue to
>grow, continue to organize ourselves and continue to prepare for NFP
>organization and status.

I agree. We don't have time to go about this the ideal way.

Please excuse my error...


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