[Theforum] hosting... where are we at right now?

Marlene Bruce marlene at members.evolt.org
Fri Jun 7 19:33:02 CDT 2002

>So, marlene, if you're looking for a deadline for us, pick a date, I

Since it's ready, why not post it to the wiki (wherever suits, or in
place of that now-defunct document) and send theForum the URL? Or
just send it here or directly to marketing, and they can take it and
plug it into their letter.

Can Marketing get their part of the letter done over the weekend, and
have it ready Monday?

>As for when we have all the letter flowing together and incoporated, that
>depends on when we get the rest of the materials we need.

With all due respect (sincerely), I think perhaps marketing should
put the final polish on the letter. Only because they're more focused
on wordsmithing things, and are responsible for that kind of stuff.

Whatcha think?


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