[Theforum] confusion

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Sat Jun 8 09:23:31 CDT 2002

i've been sort of sitting on the sidelines for a while, hoping the
confusion and running around in circles would abate as the various groups
organized themselves and started doing the specialized tasks that they were
created to handle

instead, there is the same old floundering, and what's worse, it's now
being cross-posted left and right between groups!!

get a grip, kids, and stop making this harder than it has to be

what i see is an ever smaller number of people keen to make a contribution,
and TOTAL CONFUSION about how they can help

why? because there's nobody in charge

where are the leaders of the groups?

we are now fully one month past dan's departure, and what do we have?
discussion about how long to keep open a voting process to nominate leaders
for the groups

oh, please

let's put ourselves into the mindset of someone new just joining one of
these groups, eager to make a contribution --

   ~ she sees tons of bickering

   ~ nobody asks her directly for anything

   ~ she has no idea what to do

   ~ nobody appears to be in charge

   ~ she doesn't want to get involved in squabbles

kids, it doesn't have to be this hard

i made a commitment after dan's departure to hang in and do what i can to
help evolt survive, but i am at the point where it is finally clear to me
that evolt will not survive, not with the amount of confusion that still

i registered myself for two or three groups (i'm not sure, and that's
symptomatic) -- marketing, content, and whatever group thesite
metamorphosizes itself into

i'm still willing to stick around for a while longer, but unless all this
confusion is cleared up pretty damned soon, i'll be leaving these groups,
to limit my involvement to thelist and thechat

here's a suggestion --

forget the voting

martin, why don't you just take over and be the leader?  you seem to be
itching for it, you're qualified, and it would give you the opportunity to
show everybody how things should be done the right way, rather than
pointing out when they fall short of best practices


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