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Jeff Howden jeff at alphashop.net
Sat Jun 8 18:17:27 CDT 2002

there's been discussion about how to handle the glut of subscribers on
thesite (over 125).  a group this large will surely make things difficult to
get a consensus on, difficult to manage, prone to all the other problems
that come from having such a large group, etc.  so, i think it'd be best if
we created a list for development/design.

desdev at lists.evolt.org

since i've been nominated to represent the group (and it looks like it will
carry) i'd like to go ahead and manage the new list.  i can make the
announcement to the members of thesite as well so that anyone that's
genuinely interested in participating in the design and development can
subscribe to the new list.

i think, for now, the best thing to do would be to leave thesite alone.
perhaps repurpose it so it's a place for people trying to work with the open
source version of the cms so they have a place to get some help.  we can
deal with that down the road though.

any objections?  if not i'd like to get this taken care of asap.



jeff at members.evolt.org

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