[Theforum] RE: Redesign (was: Tagwear queries)

Beau Hartshorne beau at members.evolt.org
Mon Jun 17 11:47:41 CDT 2002

> i'd hope that would be unnecessary simply because we'd want the
> site to work at *any* resolution, but then, the results would still be
> interesting...

Even if the site's designed for any resolution, I think resolution stats
could help for two reasons:

1. To help figure out what percentage of horizontal width should be
reserved for the article. There is some magic line length (400 pixels or
something) that's supposed to be easiest for most people to read. Stats
might help us hit the sweet spot on as many machines as possible.

2. Vertical space. All the empty space in issac's design is soothing at
1600x1200, but someone at 800x600 might not see anything but the logo
and navigation.

> as for the redesign, well, isaac knows this already, but i do have
> concerns about shedding the blacktabnavbarthingie, at least not
> without a suitable replacement... mostly because it's become such
> a strong part of our identity...

Yeah, I'd be inclined to get rid it.


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