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> http://www.kuro5hin.org/?op=displaystory;sid=2002/6/17/23933/5831

K5's been in trouble for a while - it's just that nobody really took notice
of it!  The numbers will probably replicate to other sites in a similar
situation - if K5 switches to a subscription model, I'll bet their hits and
readership will fall dramatically.

People want things for free.  But a tiny minority are ready to step up to
the plate and contribute more than their "fair" share - some people have
contributed more than required by the annual subscription, some have
suggested amazon associates, some have suggested membership drives,
contracts with internet research corps (e.g. media matrix), merchandising,
member-funded endowment plan (!), making public in user profiles and/or
footers of users comments how much they've contributed (!!), making the
books public to make people feel more secure/interested/whatever that they
can see what their contributions are doing ... and so on.

Lots of relevant things to chew through.  It will be interesting to keep an
eye on K5 to see what happens.

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