[Theforum] steering committee list?

Marlene Bruce marlene at digitizethis.com
Tue Jun 18 10:51:44 CDT 2002

Hey folks,

I think we have final results for the steering committee. They are as follows:

Desdev: Jeff Howden + Miriam Frost
Sysadmin: Dean Mah + John Handelaar
Marketing: Lachlan Cannon + Isaac Forman
Finance: Marlene Bruce + Martin Burns
Content: Adrian Roselli + Madhu Menon

Please let us know if there are any corrections.

I'd like to get a steering committee list set up so we can start
communicating (how about steering_at_evolt.org). Can someone do that
since Dean is away? I'll be happy to send the addresses off list.

I also need the treasurer_at_evolt.org address set up and pointing to
my marlene_at_evolt.org account so I can send a couple of
donation-related emails.


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