[Theforum] another online community in trouble

Tara Cleveland tara at taracleveland.com
Tue Jun 18 22:40:59 CDT 2002

Issac wrote:
>Some things that I'd suggest we investigate based on this:
> - open books. publicly acknowledge how much it costs to run evolt.org.

and then later Issac wrote:
> Also, I'd much rather that we had simple text-ads, and/or 5-10 key corporate
> sponsors (hosting, training, publisher, hardware, etc) than consistently ask
> our members for money. I'd like our key resources to remain free for
> students and poor freelancers (who need us the most).

I'm one of those "poor freelancers" and I'd much rather donate $100 to evolt
than have my eyeballs sold by evolt. Before I joined theforum I had no idea
how much $$$ it was costing to run evolt and I didn't know there was a
crisis. I would have wanted the issue put before me so that I could have the
chance to donate the cash before evolt went kaput or "went corporate". I'm
not saying that we're "going corporate", I'm just saying that's what I would
have thought if evolt just started having corporate ads.

However, having said that, text ads by evolt members for other members -
community ads - seems okay by me. It's kinda like the bulletin board at the
local grocery store instead of a billboard by the side of the highway
obstructing the view of the countryside.

I agree that we should open the books and make it crystal clear to the
membership that unless they (as a whole, not individually) give money, evolt
will be dead or will have to find corporate sponsorship/advertising. I also
like the "sponsor a student idea". Maybe we could have something where
students sign up to be sponsored and put down a little photo and a bio and
our richer members can *choose* a student to sponsor? Might be a laugh... it
works for Foster Parents Plan...


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