[Theforum] another online community in trouble

William Anderson neuro at well.com
Wed Jun 19 06:04:56 CDT 2002

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> isaac said:
> > - simplify MEO somewhat, but retain it as a diary/blog solution for
> > members. and charge a small amount for it.

Interesting ... basically blogspot (without the ads) or blogger pro.  But
with a nice evolt USP.  Which we'd have to figure out.  :)

And would we develop a meoblog backend ourselves, or graft on movable type
or similar ...

> You mean that we take away the member hosting for anything but a
> blogspace and point them at f2o or something? I'm cool with that... I
> was gonna shift over anyway.

Also interesting.  Taking member hosting off *eo would definitely kill a
shitload of bandwidth and hardware requirements.  But it is a valuable
resource and selling point of evolt ...

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