[Theforum] another online community in trouble

Warden, Matt mwarden at mattwarden.com
Wed Jun 19 08:45:41 CDT 2002

William wrote:
>Also interesting.  Taking member hosting off *eo would definitely kill a
>shitload of bandwidth...


out of the 140GB(!) we transferred last month, 120GB of that was beo. that
leaves 20GB for all the list traffic, all weo traffic, deo, and
meo. somehow i don't think knocking off meo will move us anywhere near
enough to be in a lower bandwidth bracket. of all of our services, meo
would be the least bandwidth-sucking next to deo (which totaled 110MB for
the entire month).

>and hardware requirements

actually, as of about two days ago, meo is on the lists.evolt.org box. so,
at least right now, there is no additional hardware cost.

you can simplify meo. you can charge for meo. you can sell the kidneys of
every meo member.

but if you really want to cut evolt costs, you have to do something with


think i'm smokin the good stuff? check out the hosting prices for 140GB
and growing (May was 40GB higher than April) compared to 20GB and steady.

my thoughts: don't mess with a good thing if you don't have to. and we

and we don't even have to sell our souls to corporate sponsors!



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