[Theforum] beo (was: another online community in trouble)

Warden, Matt mwarden at mattwarden.com
Wed Jun 19 09:13:38 CDT 2002

Ken wrote:
>is there a way to find out which browsers are killing the bandwidth?


>What about asking members with their own servers to mirror (or just
>take) sections of the BEO archive to their own servers?

Yeah, that's the plan. Unfortunately, John slacked on his description to
the list :)

but he explained his plan to me. basically, a mirroring site could take a
single file or many files. when someone came to beo and looked for
CrackBrowser 2.1, we'd show a list of available locations for that
file. first, we'd include the link to the file on beo. but once we built
up our mirror sites, we'd take off the link to the file on beo altogether.

Multiple locations for the same file would reduce problems of low-uptime

it's a slick plan, but it's something that desdev would have to code. we'd
have to hear from them about whether they're willing to do it and when it
could be done.

>I'd MUCH rather see evolt do this (or at least try) before selling ad
>space on the weo site or the mailing list.

amen to that!


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