[Theforum] another online community in trouble

Warden, Matt mwarden at mattwarden.com
Wed Jun 19 09:26:56 CDT 2002

aardvark wrote:
>what about if there's a better thing out there?

er... why is that *our* decision to make, again?

if people think it's better, they'll move.

having a meo account is a community statement. you'll notice that i sign
all my emails to themembers with my meo account address.

I'm thinking we're talking 3GB/mo. max (we'll know for sure when jeff
finishes the log analyzation for meo... or if my laptop can finally muster
the cycles to do it)

killing a service like meo to save a couple GB/mo is just wrong, IMO.

f2o is not evolt. i'm not sure how else i can put that.

having "another meo" is not the same as "another beo". meo is for our
members. it's a privilege. it's a statement. the meo email and the meo url
are a big part of the service and a big reason why the people who actually
are approved for accounts (hard-core evolters) even apply in the first


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