[Theforum] tagwear promotion ideas

Joel Canfield joel at spinhead.com
Wed Jun 19 09:38:04 CDT 2002

Some off-the-top-of-her-head ideas from our marketing goddess. She's
volunteered to assist with the ongoing effort if her style fits what we're
looking for.



Of course you have a banner ad on the evolt.org web page.

Check the web logs for the highest traffic days/times and send out email
blasts weekly just before those time slots. So, someone is working, reading
their email, and getting ready to do their regular trip to evolt.org when
they get an email. Play around with this so it doesn't become spamish. Make
the emails funny. I like to write funny stuff and so do you. We'll write
funny stuff and blast to your gear heads.

Email blast suggestion for inaugural run:

We love our readers, our readers love evolt.org
You enjoy evolt.org, we enjoy providing you with this information, but like
most things worth doing--it is not free.  We gladly donate our time to
develop the site's content, but the servers and connections are putting the
squeeze on our wallets.

Help us serve you
We have such a deal for you--help us continue to serve you and we'll hook
you up with cool stuff. Show your support--get a new wardrobe. And to make
it easy, we've developed a link off the home page. Click, shop, buy. Its
that easy to donate to a very worthy cause.

Then we can come up with other ways of extracting money. Have marathons,
some famous people doing something that is visible online for a ridiculous
amount of time with viewers donating $X / hour.

Have online auctions, people donate cool crap and you auction it off during
those peak hours. Have people submit their crap with a photo of themselves
and the piece of crap. People love to be famous.  I have an original Palm
pilot with the original box. Great crap!  ( But I'm not donating it, I'm
donating my time. Can I  put this on my resume? )

Auction off donated services. A review of your crappy code for $100 donation
by someone well known. You get the picture.

I came up with this stuff without really knowing what evolt.org is. I can
probably improve on this if you tell me a little bit about why people like
evolt.org, type of readers, and number of visitors.


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