[Theforum] another online community in trouble

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Wed Jun 19 11:42:42 CDT 2002

> From: Ken Kogler <ken.kogler at cph.org>
> > > "Filet it and fast-food it if ya want to..." (movie quote!)
> > which?  i don't recognize it...
> Ace Ventura, Pet Detective... it's no "Citizen Kane", but that movie
> is overrated anyway. :)

i still have all my Ace schwag, too... when i worked at a theatre,
we did a sneak of it... i was the only person in the theatre
laughing... i loved that movie, but i find it funny i don't recall that

oh, and i have the collector's edition citizan kane DVD, which i just
watched again on saturday...

> > i just want to note that this isn't an meo/beo thing i'm
> > talking about... none of what i'm suggesting would be in
> > *place* of working on the beo bandwidth issues...
> > i'm only talking about meo in a vacuum...
> Aah... I misread that, then. My bad.

no, not bad, the conversation starting twisting that way before you
jumped into it, and i just hadn't realigned it...

> I still think taking away from MEO in any way is a bad thing. I like
> the concept of f2o, but I'd prefer to see evolt keep it "all in the
> family" rather than referring our members elsewhere. I'd be willing to
> pay a few bucks a month to keep it that way, too.
> I'd cut MEO only as a last resort to make sure evolt stays alive.
> Hopefully it never comes to that.

understood... i think my problem is i'm trying to look at it
'pragmatically,' and as such am less inclined to think about
community, and more inclined to weigh the resource costs vs. the
member benefit...  hopefully that should frame where i'm coming
from so you don't think i'm in left field...

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