[Theforum] another online community in trouble

Ken Kogler ken.kogler at cph.org
Wed Jun 19 11:58:56 CDT 2002

> i think my problem is i'm trying to look at it
> 'pragmatically,' and as such am less inclined to think about
> community, and more inclined to weigh the resource costs vs. the
> member benefit...

I think a web-dev resource that provides it's members a way to learn the
things they don't know yet is a fantastic idea, and I'm surprised more
people don't copy it. It fosters (mmm Fosters...) a real sense of community
among members as well as gives people something to love about evolt. You can
get articles anywhere (and sites like asptoday.com charge an arm and a leg
for them!), but you can't get that MEO experience anywhere else (except f2o,
but I think of them as free hosting, not as part of a community). I think
MEO in some form MUST BE part of evolt, otherwise we lose one of the best
things going for us.

Think back to school - what's the point of shop class if it's just lectures?
Would you take a woodworking class if they didn't let you use any tools, and
you just read articles about how to use power tools all day? Most of the
people I know learn better by DOING rather than READING.

I'm not 100% opposed to scaling it back a bit, but I'd like that to be
looked at as a last resort. If fact, I'd love to see WAP added to the MEO
arsenal... :)

Anyway, I'm not trying to jump on you, Adrian, but you're the only one
talkin, and talking to myself is no fun...


> hopefully that should frame where i'm coming
> from so you don't think i'm in left field...

Trust me, you were WAAAAAY out in left field long before this particular
thread... :)

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