[Theforum] meo (was: another online community in trouble)

Warden, Matt mwarden at mattwarden.com
Wed Jun 19 13:31:20 CDT 2002

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rudy wrote:
>meo should be for experimentation, not production -- if joe blow has a
>full-fledged blog going, then perhaps he's finished experimenting and
>should move it elsewhere


ok, man. i mean, if it's eating that much of our resources...

i dont need meo account space. the only things in my account are tar's of
closed accounts and my blog. why?

1. meo has the needed perl modules, which is kind of hard to find
2. if blogs don't contribute to 'building community', i dunno what
does. oh yeah, member pages would... *cough*

but, if it's sucking bandwidth, i could move it to another server (i have
space elsewhere). i guess i just thought there was some value in having a
members.evolt.org blog.

and, if i *didn't* have other server space, why the hell would i write a
blog that i'd have to take down when i'm done?

the idea is to get people motivated to learn & experiment.

i dont understand why meo is such a target lately. the same stuff keeps
coming up again and again, even after they're explained. like:

"Though meo is a useful resource, not everyone is using it for the stated
purpose. In fact, very few out there are actually using it for learning
new stuff."


everyone seems to equate "learning" with "scripting". why can't i learn
software like MovableType (I still haven't had a chance to get to its more
intimate features) on the only server that i'm certain has what's needed
installed? why can't i learn about browser/os compatiblity issues with
MovableType templates and what i do to the templates from feeback from
people using what I created? why is a code library ok to have sitting
after its been created but not a blog? the creation and experimentation is
done in both cases.

letting people use what you created is a far cry from a "production
site". it's called "giving someone a reason to do *work* to learn"

Madhu wrote:
>>given the above two criteria, meo will probably not be a bandwidth hog,
>>we should definitely keep it
>But maintenance?


what about it? i dont see it as a problem at all.


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