[Theforum] meo (was: another online community in trouble)

Marlene Bruce marlene at members.evolt.org
Wed Jun 19 14:14:23 CDT 2002

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Ah, to be young...

>i dont need meo account space. the only things in my account are tar's of
>closed accounts and my blog. why?
>1. meo has the needed perl modules, which is kind of hard to find
>2. if blogs don't contribute to 'building community', i dunno what
>does. oh yeah, member pages would... *cough*

I have to agree with the gist of what you're saying. I really don't
think m.e.o. should be just for experimentation and learning. It
should be a place for people interested in being a part of the
evolt.org collective to have their own cubby. Aren't we supposed to
be a community? Why is m.e.o. just for learning when it could be so
much more?

No we don't want people abusing it, but using it wisely is another
matter entirely.

m.e.o. doesn't have to be just for developer types, which right now
is largely the case (for those actually using it for learning).

m.e.o. could offer the following services (these are just some of the
ideas I'm sure we can brainstorm):

* members email account
* space for learning
* members profile, resume/CV, tips given/articles written, etc.
* geographic map detailing member locations (opt-in)
* classifieds
* free code repositories made by members, in directories
* etc. (please add ideas)

It could foster local chapters, beervolts, educational outreach, etc.

There could be free space for those who are really using it for
learning. It could be paid (or sponsored for those who can't) for
everyone else. Or some such thing...

>the idea is to get people motivated to learn & experiment.

But not just that, it could foster community. Doing so would further
our brand and status on the web.

>i dont understand why meo is such a target lately. the same stuff keeps
>coming up again and again, even after they're explained. like:

If m.e.o. remains just as it is it's not offering our members what it could.

(I'd add more but I've got to run to meet a friend for lunch)


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