[Theforum] RE: [De*Dev] Steering Cttee list/email setup

Martin Burns martin at easyweb.co.uk
Wed Jun 19 15:27:59 CDT 2002

On Wednesday, June 19, 2002, at 09:07  pm, Warden, Matt wrote:

> if i get the membership list, i can sign everyone up.

JeffHowden (-0700)
MiriamFrost (-0500)

DeanMah (-0600)
JohnHandelaar (+0100)

LachlanCannon (+1000)
IsaacForman (+0930)

MarleneBruce (-0700)
MartinBurns (+0100)

AardVark (-0400)
MadhuMenon (+0530)

As per

I've now locked that page btw. It's now editable by anyone with the
Steering Group Leader role. Marketing folks have people with that kind
of role (Isaac & Lach are sharing it). Marlene & Dean, if you send me a
chosen password offlist I'll allocate you that role. Content &
DesDesign - can you please agree whether one person has that role (in
which case who?) or if both reps should have it.

Adrian, John & Jeff, you're currently allocated the Steering Committee
Rep role which I don't think has much in the way of wiki-wide special
rights although some of the edit-locked pages are SC-Rep editable. If
you're formally logged in and you have the rights to change a page, you
won't see the 'password needed' tag on 'Edit' links. (The SC Group
Leader role has Undo Changes and Change Permissions rights generally,
plus any page-specific rights).
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