[Theforum] another online community in trouble

Lachlan Cannon luminosity at members.evolt.org
Wed Jun 19 22:36:39 CDT 2002

Paul Cowan said:
> What about the idea of *combining* the text-ads with the sustained
> membership option? Not even making members pay for them, but making
> them a \"value-add\" for paid membership? Something like:

Once again, I wonder how much text ads among members are actually worth...

> Become an evolt.org contributing member. For US$5/month (or whatever)
> you get:
>    * extra 10MB of hosting space on m.e.o. (I\'m making this up)
>    * .. other benefits here (see below) ...
>    * the chance to advertise your services to other members in a
>    sidebar.
> Obviously recurring monthly cash is the best way of raising $$$. By
> helping make m.e.o accounts (or, more accurately, \"premium accounts\",
> to avoid those who can\'t afford it losing the basic service -- or a
> better name, like \"e.o contributor account\") a better BUSINESS
> prospect, poor starving freelancers are more likely to get benefit out
> of it and make it worth their while, or people might be able to get
> their employers to pay for it.

> I like the idea of ramping up the \'premium\' m.e.o accounts, rather
> than introducing \"fee for this, fee for that\"... but that\'s just me.
> What would I know?

Deinitely one unified way of paying encouraged. Of course this can be
combined with other forms of contribution like hosting with affliates who
gives us kickback, and shopping at amazon using our affiliate account, but
only one thing that actually asks users to give us money. It would be nice
to have a list of extra things we could provide to supporting members,
but.. we either have to take away from non contributing members, or add
more now that they don't get to do that.. what would we do for that?

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