[Theforum] Reply letter for articles

Lachlan Cannon luminosity at members.evolt.org
Wed Jun 19 22:50:44 CDT 2002

Hi guys,

The marketing group has come up with a new letter to be sent to members
when their articles have been published, to better encourage further
contributions from members, as well as to thank them for their effort. Can
it please be implemented ASAP as a replacement for the current reply, or
can you get back to us with any problems implementing it. Thanks.

The letter is available at
http://freezope2.nipltd.net/acorn/evolt/CombinedReply. Text follows:

Dear (membername),

We're pleased to let you know that your article has been published and can
be found on the home page of the evolt.org site. You can see your article
at the following URL: http://evolt.org/article/author/####/####/index.html

evolt.org would like to thank you for contributing this article. It's
thanks to members such as yourself that we are recognised as a premier site
for web developers, and are able to provide them with fresh, interesting
news and tutorials. We hope you'll consider writing more articles for
evolt.org soon.

We encourage you to make the wider web community aware of your writing.
Where relevant, be sure to point as many people as possible to this article
and increase your exposure and personal reputation. For example, if you've
contributed a tutorial on PHP, there are many PHP development sites who
would love to hear about it being published.

You may notice people rating and commenting on your article as long as it
lives on evolt.org. This provides you an opportunity to see how your peers
weigh your work, and highest rated articles earn a special place on the
home page. If you chose the option when you signed up, you will be notified
when new comments are made on your article. Feel free to read through them
and even respond with comments of your own.

We appreciate the time and effort you put into writing for evolt.org, and
hope you get as much from it as our members do. If you ever have questions,
please don't hesitate to ask.

And please consider writing more for evolt.org.

Thanks again!


ps. You have (x) more articles to write before you get your next evolt.org
author cube. Good luck! (or Congratulations, you have received your next
evolt.org author cube. To get the next cube you need to write (x) more
articles. Good luck!)

MSN: luminosity @ members.evolt.org

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