[Theforum] another online community in trouble

Marlene Bruce marlene at members.evolt.org
Wed Jun 19 23:47:06 CDT 2002

>so pay money, get a chance to be pimped on the home page?  do we pimp
>a text ad, or a link to their blog?  text ad isn't so bad, and
>perhaps we can encourage people to do more with it -- like not post
>an ad, but instead post some chunk of humor or whatever...

Yes, creative things encouraged.

>administrating that could be a challenge, though...

Ongoing administration would be both Content's and Finance's
responsibility. If someone has a "Contributing member" account, we
could give them some pre-defined number of text ads a year (3? 6?).
The member wouldn't have to use the ad, but could if they wanted to.

DesDev would have to add a "text ad" submission and approval system
to the CMS that would be time sensitive (once the ad is approved and
in the queue for circulation, it could be limited to a specific
circulation time).

Finance would have to approve the contributing member for being paid
up. These could be done in batches once a week or whatever. IOW, a
contributing member signs up and we flag that member as being paid up
to their renewal date.

Content would have to define submission guidelines, and then review
and approve content for each ad.

If we limit the number of ads per contributing member we shouldn't
create too much of an ongoing administrative headache for ourselves.
I wouldn't think, anyway...


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