[Theforum] tagwear promotion ideas

Marlene Bruce marlene at members.evolt.org
Thu Jun 20 01:08:25 CDT 2002

Hey Joel,

Are you on the Marketing list? This sounds like ideal material for
that list to chew over.

This marketing goddess friend is great to offer her expertise. We can
use all the constructive input we can get.

>Of course you have a banner ad on the evolt.org web page.

Or an ad of some type, at least.

>Check the web logs for the highest traffic days/times and send out email
>blasts weekly just before those time slots. So, someone is working, reading
>their email, and getting ready to do their regular trip to evolt.org when
>they get an email. Play around with this so it doesn't become spamish. Make
>the emails funny. I like to write funny stuff and so do you. We'll write
>funny stuff and blast to your gear heads.

Not a bad idea in itself, but our members get so much email on our
lists already that I don't know how they'll feel about a specifically
marketing piece. We've never really sent one of that nature, more
just community communication stuff.

I'm probably not the right person to give feedback on this. All I can
say is that whenever I get an email from a company they're usually
not worth reading, and can end up being an annoying turn-off.

Don't know how people would receive an email from evolt.org, though,
it might be a completely different experience.

>Email blast suggestion for inaugural run:


The style is a bit marketese for me, but the ideas are solid. Driving
traffic to tagwear.com (once it's up) would certainly be beneficial.

>Then we can come up with other ways of extracting money. Have marathons,
>some famous people doing something that is visible online for a ridiculous
>amount of time with viewers donating $X / hour.

I see, endorsement by a famous geek, eh? Wacky idea.

>Have online auctions, people donate cool crap and you auction it off during
>those peak hours. Have people submit their crap with a photo of themselves
>and the piece of crap. People love to be famous.  I have an original Palm
>pilot with the original box. Great crap!  ( But I'm not donating it, I'm
>donating my time. Can I  put this on my resume? )

Given that we're not centralized and can't easily control this kind
of endeavor, it might not be an ideal way to raise funds.

>Auction off donated services. A review of your crappy code for $100 donation
>by someone well known. You get the picture.
>I came up with this stuff without really knowing what evolt.org is. I can
>probably improve on this if you tell me a little bit about why people like
>evolt.org, type of readers, and number of visitors.

The main response I have to the suggestions is that evolt.org is
pretty low key, and so far we've liked it that way. Naturally we'll
have to become a little less so if we want to motivate people to take
action on something, but we would have to decide on the tone

Anyone else?


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