[Theforum] Reply letter for articles

Lachlan Cannon luminosity at members.evolt.org
Thu Jun 20 07:12:18 CDT 2002

William Anderson said:
> Can we either check or assume that everyone on the individual
> monkeygroups is on theforum too, so if something needs to be spammed to
> all groups, it can just go to theforum?  It really plays havoc with my
> filtering when something goes to four groups at once like that ...

I sort of like it that way because this way if a group has a few things they
don't like they can toss it around amongst themselves, and come out with a
unified group reason for why it needs work. And theforum should be in the
know too. I could just send it to theforum, but then it's not really
addressed to the specific group which is meant to be picking up the task...
so it'll be at least a double copy if you're on that group anyway.

Oh, and I know how you feel about the mail filters, I have the same
problem.. or at least I will when someone can figure out for me why
squirrelmail threw out my preferences and won't let me make new ones...

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