[Theforum] tagwear promotion ideas

Joel Canfield joel at spinhead.com
Thu Jun 20 09:53:43 CDT 2002

> mass emails never really appeal to me...

I hate *unsolicited* mail. But I get adverts that have meaningful info. And
I also get lots of auto-mail from evolt.org - comment notifications, the tip
seine, new articles - and I appreciate it.

We can't be subtle about this. At first, we need to parade into town with
calliopes and elephants to get everyone's attention; then, we can slip back
to subtle reminders.

As javi said in another thread, it looks like folks would rather donate than
suffer ads. I think thelist would accept a rational explanation/announcement
as 'informative' rather than spam. But I don't know all 2500 of 'em, so I
could be wrong.

> footer updates, mentions on the site, stuff like that can be
> relatively effective...  if active members use .sigs (like
> mine, below) to pimp this stuff, too, that could help...
> push it on thechat, have people update their author photos
> with pics in their new hat, etc...

All good.

> i just really want to resist targetted emails to our
> membership that, well, will read like spam...

So, is it mass e-mail, or that it reads like spam? I have no objection to
mass e-mail; none. I object to anything useless, and I object to obnoxious

I haven't heard TV commercials in years. I can hit the mute button faster
than anyone alive. I *hate* advertising with my father's passion. But if a
commercial is informative about something I'm interested in, or just plain
funny (Outpost!) I'll watch because it has value to *me*, not just the
advertiser. We can do the same.


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