[Theforum] Logging in woes

Adam Sjøgren asjo at koldfront.dk
Thu Jun 20 15:45:22 CDT 2002


When I try to log in on evolt.org, I get this error-message:

 Error Occurred While Processing Request

 Error Diagnostic Information

 An error occurred while evaluating the expression:

  "caller.attributes.#ListFirst(listElement, '=')#" = IIF(ListLen(listElement, '=') IS 2, "ListLast(listElement, '=')", DE(""))

 Error near line 67, column 12.

 Cannot set dynamic variable with name 'caller.attributes.!section'. The variable name is illegal. Variable names must start with a letter and can include only letters, numbers, and underscores.

 The error occurred while processing an element with a general identifier of (CFSET), occupying document position (67:5) to (67:137).

 Date/Time: Thu Jun 20 15:44:16 2002
 Browser: Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; en-US; rv:1.1a+) Gecko/20020620
 Remote Address:
 Query String: !section=login!POST:jw1KiE-eGG6P+W+IEluxZQ.3d123e19


Am I doing something wrong?

  Best regards,

 Rogue: You don't know, or you don't care?                     Adam Sjøgren
 Wolverine: Pick one.                                     asjo at koldfront.dk

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