[Theforum] Logging in woes

.jeff jeff at members.evolt.org
Thu Jun 20 22:58:43 CDT 2002


> From: Adam Sjøgren
> When I try to log in on evolt.org, I get this
> error-message:
> Error Occurred While Processing Request
> Error Diagnostic Information
> An error occurred while evaluating the expression:
> "caller.attributes.#ListFirst(listElement, '=')#" =
> IIF(ListLen(listElement, '=') IS 2, "ListLast(listElement,
> '=')", DE(""))
>  Query String: !section=login!POST:jw1KiE-eGG6P+W+IEluxZQ.3d123e19

i'm clueless as to how the variables in the query string got the leading
"!".  i'd also like to know how the "!POST:jw1KiE-eGG6P+W+IEluxZQ.3d123e19"
got there as well.  that's what's causing the errors, but heck if i know how
they got there to begin with.

are you accessing the site through a proxy or maybe an offline copy?



jeff at members.evolt.org

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