Distributed bandwidth (was RE: [Theforum] Re: [Content] Mail Alert! - Sat Jun 22 31226)

Beau Hartshorne beau at members.evolt.org
Sun Jun 23 23:12:30 CDT 2002

> I like this, but would rather see whole mirrors of all of beo.
> But, could we do both? So when you click down to (say) the download
> of Win32 NN4.76, you're given a list of choices, some of which are
> whole-archive mirrors, and some are *just that browser*?

OK, so what about two or three whole-archive mirrors, then a bunch of
others that host one or several individual browsers?

How many actual files need to be mirrored?

> Suggestion also for if we have multiple options for download: rotate
> order of the links since people tend to pick options towards the top
> a list (yes, I know, sensible people will pick the nearest mirror, but
> the two factors operate separately)

Should we try to regulate how many hits go to each mirror, and remove
the mirror from the list once a certain number of hits is reached (to
keep someone from inadvertently "donating" too much bandwidth)?


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