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> The only solution I can think of is this: get volunteers to check
> referrers, and only send files to anyone referred by evolt.org. Is
> something like that possible?

Don't take this personally, please, but...

Bluntly, I'm not seeing the point of this discussion.

IMHO having loads of individual 'volters hosting
tiny little chunks of the archive as well as
large full-service mirrors in operation seems to serve
no purpose other than making a couple of evolters
happy to be able to say they're doing it.

If (eg) sunsite.org.uk is carrying a mirror of the entire
archive, why on earth would we also offer 'Steve's home
PC with upstream capacity of 128kbps' ?

The ftp.mozilla.org thing I can understand, but this
seems to make no sense to me.

And yet it's consuming almost all of the space within
our discussion of mirroring, while touting for *real*
mirrors is getting none at all. Grr.

John Handelaar

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