Distributed bandwidth (was RE: [Theforum] Re: [Content] Mail Alert! - Sat Jun 22 31226)

Beau Hartshorne beau at members.evolt.org
Mon Jun 24 10:58:58 CDT 2002

John said:

> > Bluntly, I'm not seeing the point of this discussion.

Ken said:

> The point is that ~90% of our bandwidth bill is b.e.o.
> 90% of 140Gb.mo is no small matter, and it's very - VERY - expensive.
> We have two options:
>  1) cut down the bandwidth
>  2) host a bake sale

Beau says:

I think that John understands that we need to get rid of the beo
bandwidth. He just wants to do it all at once with big mirrors instead
of little bits and pieces here and there.

Massive mirrors would probably be the best way out of the problem --
they would most likely be faster and more reliable than member

Jeff's solution is something that we could implement, and that would
probably work. *If* we can come up with enough major mirrors (like, in
the next few days), it'd save us the trouble of developing and testing a
beo bandwidth donation app.

So who will mirror our 4.1 gigs of old browsers?

What about educational institutions? (Any institution with a web
development program might be interested in helping us out, and with the
affiliation to evolt.org.)

Other ideas?


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