Distributed bandwidth (was RE: [Theforum] Re: [Content] Mail Alert! - Sat Jun 22 31226)

Ken Kogler ken.kogler at cph.org
Mon Jun 24 11:11:16 CDT 2002

> It's fairly obvious from this, Ken, that you
> posted a response having only read the first
> line of my post.

I mis-interpreted the following paragraph:

> IMHO having loads of individual 'volters hosting
> tiny little chunks of the archive as well as
> large full-service mirrors in operation seems to serve
> no purpose other than making a couple of evolters
> happy to be able to say they're doing it.

I read it as "what we're doing is a entirely bad idea" as opposed to "how
we're going about fixing the problem is not a good idea..."

> Got anything to say about the _point_ I
> was making? :-)

Its a valid point. I don't fully agree, though. I think every little bit
counts. I agree that having a bunch of evolters hosting little tiny bits of
the archive is more complex than having, say, a university host a copy of
the whole thing, but I think it's still something we should look into.

I agree that having people mirror the whole archive is much more stable and
easier to implement, but I think we should still allow for individual
evolters to help out if they want. Perhaps we should approach that as a
secondary goal, though.

Should spark an interesting discussion...


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