[Theforum] another thing which needs to be moved..

Daniel J. Cody djc at members.evolt.org
Mon Jun 24 15:04:05 CDT 2002

in the interest of replication between mssql and oracle last summer, i
used mssql for part of the admin.evolt.org/email/ application,
specifically, user authentication and the calendaring and job stuff that
never got implemented/used.

the content itself for the email is stored in the main DB last i knew,
but the app required some basic user authentication and priv's from
mssql to operate.

due to some new security policies here, that needs to be moved from it's
current location by friday. i'm sorry for the short notice, but i was
out the latter half of last week, and didn't know the timetable till
coming into work today.

i'll give someone a .csv copy of the data if requested.. someone
proficeint with cold fusion should be able to change the
admin.evolt.org/email application without a problem, or you could just
disable the emails going into the DB all together if an alternative
solution can't be found. again, someone with CF knowledge should be able
to look at the code for that app and make a call what to do with it.

again, sorry to dump this, but i just found out.. and it would have had
to happen sooner or later regardless i guess. due to some other
projects, i'm also afraid i won't be able to help out with this as much
as i was with the members.evolt.org move. i'll try to help out where i
can, but can't promise much.

cc me in if anything is needed.


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