[Theforum] more beo fun

William Anderson neuro at well.com
Mon Jun 24 20:09:05 CDT 2002

doo de doo de doo ...

have a look at

- http://browsers.evolt.org/download.php?/atomnet/win32/1.09PE/atomnetpe.exe
- http://browsers.evolt.org/download.php?/ie/32bit/5.5_SP2/ie55sp2.exe
- http://browsers.evolt.org/download.php?/1x/readme.txt

just some samples to try out the download box with the links and download
time estimates (yes, download time estimates) :)

we need some text for a page (an article on weo? or a page on beo? i'm happy
to write an article about the potential process, btw, summarising what's
already been discussed, subject to final discussion and agreements on stuff)
which is linked as "Mirror the Browser Archive" ... marketing provided the
initial wordage you see there btw.

also the php probably needs tightened, and the stylesheet might need looked
at.  at least one person (hello sal) has reported a prob in looking at the
php, so there might be mitigating crap making it not work.

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