[Theforum] licenses

Marlene Bruce marlene at members.evolt.org
Mon Jun 24 20:45:33 CDT 2002

Hey Dan,

We've been discussing coding on DesDev and the issue of licenses came up.

I've gone through inventory and realized we don't seem to have the
license numbers for some of our software recorded (Elfur concurred).
Would you please email me and Elfur the license numbers (serial
numbers) for the following:

Oracle - running m.e.o., w.e.o. and t.e.o. Are they all running from
oreo? If not, how many licenses do we have/need?

Cold Fusion - running w.e.o., l.e.o. (front pages), t.e.o., b.e.o.,
f.e.o., and m.e.o. ... how many licenses?

Chilisoft ASP - only running on m.e.o.(?).

Please let Elfur and me know if the above is correct, how many
licenses we have for each, and what the license numbers are.



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