[Theforum] Re: licenses

Daniel J. Cody djc at starkmedia.com
Mon Jun 24 23:28:28 CDT 2002

Well hey Marlene!

Marlene Bruce wrote:

> We've been discussing coding on DesDev and the issue of licenses came up.

I understand, no prob.. design/development = licensing

> Oracle - running m.e.o., w.e.o. and t.e.o. Are they all running from
> oreo? If not, how many licenses do we have/need?

yes they're all running off oreo, i'll try to get in touch with the
oracle rep that gave me those licenses to get the details.

> Cold Fusion - running w.e.o., l.e.o. (front pages), t.e.o., b.e.o.,
> f.e.o., and m.e.o. ... how many licenses?

one license covers a 'site' afiak, but i'll send ya those serials off
list. i'd hate for anyone to scrape a fully functional cold fusion
license off an evolt.org list archive. piracy and all..

> Chilisoft ASP - only running on m.e.o.(?).

argh! same as above.

> Thanks!

You betcha! Glad I can help out with this important step of the evolt
migration! I can produce cpu id's off the pentiumII's if you guys need
those too


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