[Theforum] Re: licenses

Marlene Bruce marlene at members.evolt.org
Tue Jun 25 12:11:17 CDT 2002

Hey Dan,

>I understand, no prob.. design/development = licensing

Yeah, we gotta make sure we've got our ducks in a row, otherwise we
might have to think about recoding things into something other than
Cold Fusion, etc. This arose out of a discussion about why we use
what we use, whether more people could help if it were coded
differently, etc.

>yes they're all running off oreo, i'll try to get in touch with the
>oracle rep that gave me those licenses to get the details.

Thanks. If s/he can provide a paper copy of the license, we'd be covered.

>one license covers a 'site' afiak, but i'll send ya those serials off
>list. i'd hate for anyone to scrape a fully functional cold fusion
>license off an evolt.org list archive. piracy and all..

Sure, to me and Elfur would be great (again paper copies if
possible). If you need a mailing address, my new home address come
the end of this week will be:

664 Ehrhorn Avenue #2
Mountain View, CA 94041

>You betcha! Glad I can help out with this important step of the evolt

Don't know how important it is to the migration, but it certainly is
important to keeping our CMS.

Thanks again,

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