[Theforum] Ask Slashdot beo query goes live

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> http://ask.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=02/06/24/196258&mode=thread&tid=95
> with the /. editorial comment of "If you would like to mirror this
> valuable net resource, please volunteer here (or drop a line to the
> original submitter) "
> Might be worth a wee line to thelist/chat warning of slow performance,
> although it's not on the front page.

the initial responses are a bit disappointing, but not surprising, mostly
centering around large .edu-type mirrors (e.g. sunsites, ibiblio, funet,
mirror.ac.uk, etc) and peer to peer solutions.  The first idea is great, but
we'd twigged that :)  The second idea is interesting, imho, but would be
hard to fly.  It would be interesting to implement at any rate, but we
wouldn't be able to throttle the connectivity and linkage in the same way as
.jeff's idea would over http/ftp ...

still, great to see it there - let's keep an eye on the responses!

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