[Theforum] Evoltspotting

Jon Haworth jhaworth at witanjardine.co.uk
Wed Jun 26 04:32:57 CDT 2002

There's a letter in this week's _IT Week_ (a trade rag in .uk):

"...Fortunately, evolt.org maintains an excellent archive of all browsers,
not just IE...."

Someone on marketing may like to send a note to them explaining the
bandwidth situation ;-)

w: www.itweek.co.uk
e: itweek_letters at vnu.co.uk
f: 020 7316 9501
s: Letters, IT Week, VNU Business Publications, 32-34 Broadwick St., London

If you want the text of the whole letter give me a shout - I'll scan the
page and upload it somewhere (IT Week don't seem to put them online)


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