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Attempt at mediation:  Jeff's kind of right because this:

> At the bottom of the email I *do* narrow down to a single
> request. To quote:

...isn't, with the greatest of respect, true.

> It seemed to Javier and myself that we might want to make a donation
> page/system our first priority.
> What do you all think? Is there something we should consider a
> higher priority?

Questions, not requests.  I think what Jeff's saying is
'don't ask us what we think, make a specific request'.

Which, fair enough, isn't something a person can be expected
to telepathically divine.

> If a donation page/system is top of the list, we should proceed by
> determining:.
> * What is our goal for the page?
> * How will we measure success?
> * What elements are needed on the page?

Again, questions, and this time ones which are very much
Finance's problem, not Desdev's.  It's for y'all to just
write something and ask for it to be deployed.  If people
want to make amends after the fact, fine: that's why we
have a CMS, and if anyone gets shitty about not being
consulted in advance you've both covered your proverbial
asses by now :-)

> * Who will write content? (Javier's already got a start.)

*You* (collectively) will...

> Please comment.

I think I've just made clear what my interpretation was
but at the risk of repeating inside the same email message,
Jeff's opinion is that you should make your decisions and
send them to Desev for implementation, since this isn't
something he thinks they should be spending time debating:
it is officially Finance's department now, anyway.

Of course if I'm misinterpreting Jeff I'm sure he'll be
right back to correct me :-)

Does this help at all?  I'm tired, so apologies if it doesn't

John Handelaar

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