[DesDev] RE: [Theforum] Donations (WAS: RE: announcement)

Marlene Bruce marlene at members.evolt.org
Wed Jun 26 18:13:49 CDT 2002

>yes, i know you're narrowing them down, but it's a list of questions that
>are probably best answered by people outside of desdev.

I thought we would be able to answer those questions, but if I'm
wrong I need someone to tell me so I can go elsewhere to get them
answered. (Of course, you've now told me so.)

>i'm looking for an actionlist if you want to get some things done.  so, to
>initiate that action list, here's my questions:
>* what is your goal for the page?
>   i personally think the goal is as simple as
>   increasing the number of donations.

Okay, that's fine with me.

>* what things would help you measure success?
>   come to me with ideas.  i can tell you what
>   can and cannot be done, what's easy to build
>   and what's not, etc.

Right, but you're looking at this from the perspective of a developer
(which of course is only natural). I'm trying to get the IA/design
people involved. Until they get involved, we can't tell you, as a
developer, what your piece of the puzzle is. At least that's how most
of the projects I've worked on have evolved.

* Define IA
* Develop specs for look and feel
* Designers run with the look and feel
* Developers run with the back end

>* what elements do you want on the page?
>   this will be largely determined by the
>   answers to the first two questions above.

I see Isaac has indicated Marketing will help. I guess it's my fault
for asking DesDev the wrong questions.

>i want to help, but i can't if the need isn't clear.

Sorry, I didn't know I wasn't being clear enough.

We need feedback and input from the IA and design people before we
can really say how you can help.

And Marketing first.


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