[Theforum] Donations (WAS: RE: announcement)

Marlene Bruce marlene at members.evolt.org
Wed Jun 26 18:27:57 CDT 2002

Hi John,

>Attempt at mediation:  Jeff's kind of right because this:
>  > At the bottom of the email I *do* narrow down to a single
>>  request. To quote:
>...isn't, with the greatest of respect, true.

It wasn't meant with disrespect, I was just responding to what I
thought Jeff's question was. I totally respect Jeff. I may feel a bit
frustrated in general, but not at Jeff. If I'm going about this the
wrong way, I completely appreciate the constructive feedback (that
you and Jeff are giving).

>  > It seemed to Javier and myself that we might want to make a donation
>>  page/system our first priority.
>  >
>  > What do you all think? Is there something we should consider a
>>  higher priority?
>Questions, not requests.  I think what Jeff's saying is
>'don't ask us what we think, make a specific request'.

Got it. From my perspective, I was (albeit erroneously) hoping to get
feedback from the IA/Design people. I even indicated by name who I
was hoping would respond (Jeff wasn't on that list).

>Again, questions, and this time ones which are very much
>Finance's problem, not Desdev's.

Fair enough. And Marketing too, as Isaac pointed out. As a result, I
think Finance and Marketing should have a bit of cross communication
about the questions.

>It's for y'all to just
>write something and ask for it to be deployed.

DesDev is not just Development, but also IA and Design. I was really
trying to get the discussion far enough along that IA could start
tackling their piece. I'm learning. Next time I'll try to avoid
approaching DesDev with questions that could better be answered by
another group. My apologies.

And if I do it again, maybe someone will speak up sooner and point it
out to me (please)?

>Does this help at all?  I'm tired, so apologies if it doesn't

Sure. Thanks.


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