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> >  > If anyone here is in the UK and is willing to talk with the
> > finance
> > >  list about helping in this regard, I'd be ecstatic.
> >
> > hey, i'm in the uk - what's needed? :)
> Well, since I sent that email, Martin's informed the Finance list
> that he's waiting to hear from Bank of Scotland (the "firm
> recommendation" that he's gotten from his other NFP contacts). The
> Bank of Scotland looked good to me when I compared them to the other
> banks I'd considered.
> I'd like to have someone open a bank account for us there, under the
> auspices of an "Unincorporated Association" (please correct me, John
> and Martin, if I've got that wrong).

I'm on quite a good footing with the Royal Bank of Scotland, and have a few
accounts with them - they've been very good to me over the last 11 years or
so, and they punt me nice deals every so often (i don't always take them up
on it tho!)

They offer a Treasurer account - more details here:
(beware possible wrap)

I'll temp sub to Finance once the sites are back up.

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