[Theforum] evoltspotting

Lauri Vain lauri_lists at tharapita.com
Sun Jun 30 05:16:49 CDT 2002


> they stole our cubes!!
> http://www.picozip.com/
> (does pirated-sites.com take submissions for logo theft?
> i don't actually know that ours predates picozip's, however)

I hope you just wanted to point out that cubes are cool and didn't
really consider the pirated-sites.com submission! In case you really
meant the pirated-sites stuff, think about this.

Do you know the count of sites on the web? I don't, but there are darn
many of 'em out there. What is the chance that everybody has an
absolutely different logo? (answer: pretty darn close to none) Whether
you like it or not, some ideas & concepts just have to overlap, when
there are so many designers and even more sites out there.

I'd say that Picozip's is very different from our logo and we *should
not* take any action against them. Sry, but e-mailing everybody, who has
cubes in their logo is just plain ridiculous.

Again, I hope that you posted picozip for fun, not for real.

Have a fun day!


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