[Theforum] Godmins for content (was RE: [Content] Grrr! - Comment Complaint - 30-Jun-2002)

Joel Canfield joel at spinhead.com
Sun Jun 30 11:55:02 CDT 2002

> >>Hmmm.. should the reps of content then have godmin access
> since that
> >>has to do with editing content?
> >
> > Now, there's a thought. :)
> >
> > Want to start a vote?
> This list or theforum? +1 from me either way.
> Lach

Technical query: we're sure godmin is necessary to do this? If so, yes,
content should be in control of content, but with checks and balances.

Have we ever considered adding real workflow logic to the system, as in, I
submit suggested changes, but can't make them without review and approval by
x number of co-workers? Could this just be an extension of the current
article approval tools?


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