[Theforum] Godmins for content (was RE: [Content] Grrr! - Comment Complaint - 30-Jun-2002)

Lachlan Cannon luminosity at members.evolt.org
Mon Jul 1 01:42:54 CDT 2002

Joel Canfield said:
> Technical query: we're sure godmin is necessary to do this? If so, yes,
> content should be in control of content, but with checks and balances.
> Have we ever considered adding real workflow logic to the system, as in,
> I submit suggested changes, but can't make them without review and
> approval by x number of co-workers? Could this just be an extension of
> the current article approval tools?

For sure, I'd love that to be built in. That said I was thinking about the
measure for now... seems kinda silly to me that the reps for content can't
even edit all the content, even on a successful vote from the group to.

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