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Madhu Menon webguru at vsnl.net
Fri Nov 15 13:59:46 CST 2002

At 01:10 AM 16-11-02, Eric A. Meyer wrote:
>Hello all,

Hiya Eric. Great to see you here. :)

>* the ability to set up and host 'css-discuss.com' and run the list
>through 'list at css-discuss.com', or some similar address

Should be possible, IMO. Just some MX records, I would imagine.

>* the ability for me to set up sophisticated filters for better spam
>management and policy enforcement
>    This was mostly due to my desire to set up a filter that
>automatically discards posts from non-members, but not those from
>non-members that contained the string [css-d] in the subject line.

Dunno if something like that is available out of the box in Mailman. We
currently block all non-member messages at thelist - a measure that has
saved a lot of porn spam coming through.

>clearing out the spam filters in Mailman.  If this isn't possible or
>convenient, it's not a huge deal; I wrote a small collection of
>bookmarklets to help speed up my spam management via Mailman's
>administrative interface.

Hey Eric, would you care to share your bookmarklets (off-list is fine) so
that us list admins can try and cut down our work? The three of us deal
with several bounces every day, and any time-saving measures are welcome.

>  I also wanted to set up a filter that
>would take multipart-MIME messages and only pass along the text/plain
>portion, as currently Mailman just blocks such messages.  But, again,
>not a huge deal if this can't be done easily.

We have something like this in place on thelist. Dan, our former list
admin, did some work to make that happen. So we can probably do the same
for css-d.

>* room and resources to store the public archive and list wiki, if
>they ever move from incutio.com

Have to defer to the server admin folks for this one.

Just one question, Eric. Do you have a handle on the total bandwidth used
up by the css-d list?

OK, let's start the brief discussion now, folks. :)



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