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rudy r937 at interlog.com
Tue Dec 3 13:41:06 CST 2002

perhaps one of the folks at the UK branch could write this up as an article
for the evolt site?

there must be some interesting experiences in moving a popular list the size
of css-discuss

wouldn't hurt to mention something about evolt making a contribution to the
web development community, either


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Subject: [css-d] ADMIN: Impending migration (VERY important!)

> Greetings all,
>     As most of you are aware, the list has been through some upheavals
> in the last month or two-- message replication, dropped messages,
> list outages, account settings lost, and more.  What it comes down to
> is this: the list outgrew its home.  At 2500 subscribed accounts and
> 50+ messages a day, we were just overtaxing the resources we had
> available.
>     So a few weeks ago, I embarked on an effort to find the list a new
> home, and I'm pleased to announce the result: evolt.org (specifically
> the UK branch) has very graciously agreed to provide the list with
> the resources it needs.  The lists's new home will be
> css-discuss.org, and the list will be run through a new address there.
>     What does this mean to you?  It means you'll need to subscribe
> your e-mail account to the new list (but finish reading this message
> before you try).  We looked at the possibility of trying to migrate
> the current list membership list, but with all of the problems we've
> had recently, it was decided that it would be better to have people
> subscribe anew.  That will not only prune dead accounts from the
> list, but give everyone a chance to set their own passwords and
> account options instead of me trying to do it in some automated
> fashion.  I understand this is a bit annoying, and we're going to do
> our best to make it less painful.  I'll provide details in a separate
> message.
>     There will be some distinct advantages to the new list.  For
> example, it won't automatically trap MIME e-mail in the spam filter,
> but will (assuming I set it up right) strip out everything but the
> plain-text portion of any message and send it on to the list.
> There's an option that will let you reduce message duplication-- so
> if someone hits "reply all" and it goes to both you and the list, the
> list won't send you a copy of a message you've already gotten
> directly.  Since I'm still not going to set the list to munge the
> Reply-To: header, this option can keep your inbox a little cleaner.
>     The new Mailman version also introduces the concept of "topics,"
> and I plan to set up at least a "site check" topic so that members
> can decide whether or not they want to see such messages.  I'll
> consider establishing other topics as time goes on.
>     For the moment, <http://www.css-discuss.org/> is just a
> placeholder page with no way to sign up for the new list, so don't
> rush over there just yet.  I'm still tweaking the list settings for
> maximal joy, and as soon as I'm satisfied I'll open up the list for
> subscriptions.  When that happens, I'll announce it here and send out
> invitations directly.
>     Here's the timeline I envision:
>     4 December -- new list is open for subscription
>                   invitations to the new list sent out
>                   current list closed to new subscriptions
>     6 December -- reminder sent over current list
>     7 December -- warning sent over current list
>     8 December -- dire warning sent over current list
>     9 December -- old list closed down
> I'll talk about how to migrate discussions in my upcoming "new list
> is open for subscription" post, but in the meantime, continue as you
> were.  If you have a question that can wait until next week, consider
> holding off until then, but if not, go ahead and post to the current
> list.
>     This is not a process that's likely to be totally smooth, but I
> will do my best to make sure it isn't overly chaotic.  I'm asking in
> advance for everyone's patience and understanding as we make this
> transition, and I sincerely believe that with everyone's cooperation,
> it will be as trouble-free as possible.
> --
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