[Theforum] Where is evolt in the UK?

William Anderson neuro at well.com
Fri Dec 6 22:32:04 CST 2002

David U. wrote:
> Hi,
> This is kinda OT, sorry.
> Where is evolt hosted in the UK?

evolt.org.uk is actually hosted on a Raq4i in Houston, Texas.  Sorry that
it's not in the UK, but it was a) cheap and b) bandwidth plentiful :)

evolt.org is hosted in Altavista, Virginia, thanks to Ron Dorman.

> I'm looking for some colo space (no more than 4U) in Europe and I was
> thinking that England might be the easiest although I'm checking things
> out in Switzerland and Germany too.

Best place to be is one of the hosting centres in London's Docklands -
neutral ones such as Telehouse and Redbus Interhouse are probably the best
ones to be in.  Most London-based ISPs will have kit and possibly colo space
in one of them - I personally have some kit in Telehouse Docklands, some for
work, one for play (ah, the joys of sitting cross legged at the foot of a
populated rack, building up a new server for fun and profit ...
http://neuro.me.uk/pics/2002/10/telehouse/ :)

As for specific ISPs to recommend, I personally can't help much - my play
kit is in Telehouse thanks to having good mates who happen to be on LONAP,
have RIPE IDs and also a rack, while my work kit is in there due to a deal
done with A. N. Other ISP for space.  The newsgroup
alt.internet.providers.uk is a good place to ask, however.

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